Bravo for Hard Rock

The SoHo Arlo is a wonderful environment serving a dynamic mix of visitors and locals engaged in a wide spectrum of activities.

The team here at Bravo is excited to explore opportunities to further enhance the guest experience and contribute to Arlo’s overall vibe.

We see tons of cool opportunities throughout the hotel but we were immediately drawn to two areas ripe for activation.

Courtyard Mural Projections

The courtyard mural is fun and fanciful and presents a perfect canvas for projection mapping. From animated flowers blooming at the bottom to a stunning virtual sunset at the top, the design options are endless.

There is also plenty of space for branding and messaging for special events. Here are two similar projects we’ve done incorporating this technique:

A potential phase two of this installation would be to make the mural interactive and allow guests to create their own projections.

This is a similar activation we created for Mercedes:

Rooftop Bar White Light Projections

In the rooftop bar, the element that jumped out at us was the large feature wall to the left of the bar. The dark grey surface is an exceptional background for “white light” projections which would meld organically with the existing artwork while injecting movement and personalization of the space on demand..

This is an example of our white light projection in a very different environment but it showcases the visual potential of the technique:

We hope that this is the beginning of a long collaboration and with that in mind here are some additional ideas we could explore moving forward.

Greenhouse Projects

To add another level of immersion we could create a projection mapping display on the roof panels of the greenhouse. This would require adding a frosted film to the roof panels allowing for plenty of light during the day and a perfect screen for projections as the sun goes down. The content could be naturalistic like starry nights and northern lights or more artistically driven visions.

This is an atrium projection we created for a restaurant using a similar technique:

Elevator Bay Projections & Touch

People end up spending a lot of time waiting for elevators which means it’s a great time to enhance the guest experience. A simple step would be the addition of one or two small projectors paired with custom animations. This could be a mix of artistic content, guest information, city info, etc. .

This sample shows how cool video looks when mapped onto elevators and we could always explore the addition of an interactive element like the keyboard at a later time.

We really dig the Arlo “Post-It” note activation on the opposite wall and it made us think of another option: incorporating Conductive Ink and projection mapping to make a screenless touch-interactive experience.

Here are two samples of our work with Conductive Ink:

Rooftop Mural

Similar to the Courtyard Mural, we’d love to explore animating this rooftop wall. It would be super cool to partner with an influential street artist or muralist to combine their artwork with our projections.

Let's talk budgets

Content: This includes the concept development, design and production all displayed content. All work is done by Bravo’s team of designers and animators. Costs are based on complexity and duration of content provided.

For most longterm displays we include an initial content package and then periodic content updates.

Initial content packages typically range from $10,000-$25,000. Content updates can be done on a subscription basis or on demand with most new content pieces ranging from $1500-$5000.

Hardware: The main hardware for all of these displays is projectors. The cost of projectors is based on how bright they are and how large an image they can produce. Bravo will specify the best hardware for every display. The client may then purchase the hardware directly from one of our partners or the vendor of their choice.

For smaller display, like the Rooftop Bar indoor wall, a projector will cost between $2000-$7500.

For larger displays, like the Courtyard Mural, a projector will cost between - $15,000-$30,000.

In addition to projectors, these displays typically require a media player and/or computer with a cost of $1000-$3000.

Bravo also offers hardware leasing with 6 or 12 month options.

Labor: Bravo can directly oversee all elements of the installation process or work with client’s internal team. Typical installation costs are around $5000.

Thank you

Thanks for reviewing our initial proposal. We’re looking forward to next steps!
David Title, Partner

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