Bravo Projection Mapping

Over the past decade, Bravo Media has developed and produced projection displays for major conferences, activations, launches and events around the world..

Significant improvements to projector technology means that the flexibility and impact of projection mapping is now viable for long-term display..

Today, Bravo is designing and installing dynamic, long-term projection displays in stores, nightclubs, lobbies, malls, arenas and other high-traffic environments.

Wow the crowd at your next event. Increase onsite social sharing. A fresh approach to your product launch. Increase dwell time.

Retail Displays

Projection can be incorporated in large and small retail displays.

Signs and Murals

New and existing signs and artwork can be enhanced with mapped projections.

Architectural Displays

These displays take advantage of existing architectural features and bring them to life.

Interactive Displays

Nothing increases engagement like interactivity. Here are some of our most compelling interactive installations..

And an airplane...

Bravo Projection Services provides end-to-end support for longterm and temporary projection mapping displays.

Environmental Analysis: Whether you already know what you want to create or want to find out what's possible in your space our onsite evaluation will assist in determining project viability and establishing overall scope of work.

Hardware Selection and Installation: With so many options for projectors and playback, our direct relationships with multiple manufacturers and AV integrators insures that you have the best equipment for your specific needs. Our technicians oversee the entire process, from placement and cabling to display mapping and optimization.

Content Development and Execution: Bravo's team of designers and animators collaborate to create custom animation and video content specific to your needs and objectives.

Ongoing Support: Our projection systems allow for content to be updated remotely both on-demand and on a recurring schedule meaning your space can constantly evolve and engage.

  • UniLever Bravo Media Client
  • CBS Logo Bravo Media Client
  • Saks Fifth Avenue Bravo Media Client
  • RioTinto Bravo Media Client
  • KPMG Bravo Media Client
  • Late Night Show Stephen Colbert Bravo Media Client
  • OfficeMax Bravo Media Client
  • Johnson and Johnson Bravo Media Client
  • Bravo Media Client Four Seasons Hotel
  • Bravo Media Client Mercedes-Benz
  • Bravo Media Client Dream Hotel Group
  • Bravo Media Client NEC Corporation of America
  • Bravo Media Client Mack-Cali Realty Corporation
  • National Geographic Bravo Media Client
  • YouTube Bravo Media Client
  • Tao Group Night Club Projection Mapping Bravo Media Client
  • Dassault Falcon Jet Projection Mapping Bravo Media Client
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